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Reverse Grey Hair

Studies have shown that men and women are now going grey at a much younger age which has given rise to the amount of grey hair products on the market. These are especially aimed at solutions to reversing or preventing the grey all together.

There are many avenues of thought as to what causes grey hair covering genetics, shock and the usual ageing process. Medical studies have shown that a depletion of chemicals in the body are the actual cause of grey hair.

The Secret to Reversing Grey Hair Naturally

Our bodies produce hydrogen peroxide which is very bad for us but thankfully kept at bay by a natural produced enzyme called Catalase. This helps in keeping the levels of hydrogen peroxide production at an acceptable level.

Prevent Grey Hair

The Catalase ingredient has proven to reverse the greying process by helping Hydrogen Peroxide break down in our bodies. Hydrogen peroxide which forms naturally in our body is the reason our hair goes gray. This strips away the melanin in our hair strands starving it of any color and giving the appearance of grey hair against our colored hair.

As we age the hydrogen peroxide levels increase causing more of our hair to go grey so it makes sense that if we are to treat the grey hair or reverse it we need to ensure the Catalase levels are replenished. By increasing these levels the Hydorgen peroxide will diminish and in turn rejuvenate the nutrients and melanin in that hair.

A product called Goodbyegrey has proven to combat the Catalase deficiency and comes in a supplement format. Taking just 2 pills a day has proven to reverse the grey hair in as little as 8 to 12 weeks. This grey hair treatment is known to not only benefit you hair but your body as well.

Get Away Grey has a super concentration of the Catalase enzyme to reverse your grey hair while providing a healthy and natural alternative to the messy toxic chemical home remedies or expensive trips to your hair stylist for artificial dyes.

Reverse Grey Hair

What are The Press Saying?

There has been a buzz in the media about GetAwayGrey and there is no question it’s going to revolutionize grey hair treatments in the future. The discovery of this enzyme opens up a whole host off possible applications from Grey Hair Pill supplements to Grey Hair Shampoo. Its time to stop hiding your gray hair under a hat or scarf, there is a reason this Grey Hair Supplement is so popular.








2 Pills a Day Can Reverse The Grey in as Little as Weeks

If You Take two Get Away Grey Super Premium Vitamin capsules once a day, after a meal, you will notice over the weeks that your natural hair color will begin to grow back from the roots. To maintain the natural hair color, simply keep taking the Get Away Grey Super Premium Vitamins. The change is gradual so your friend and family will not notice until they think you somehow look a lot younger.

Will My Results Vary or Take Longer?

Grey HairResults vary depending on the individual—some start to see results sooner than 8 weeks while others may take up to 12 weeks. Your existing level of Catalase and the ability to absorb and build your Catalase count, coupled with how quickly your hair grows, will affect the time it takes for you to see results. If you diligently stick to it and you will can be back to your natural color in no time. The company is confident you will see a change and offer a money back guarantee if you are not 100% happy with the product.


GetAwayGrey has many happy customers who have see a dramatic difference in their hair color. The increase in confidence as is evident in the videos below is benefit enough from using the product.

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