The Secrets to Preventing Grey Hair Naturally

prevent grey hairWhile perceptions have changed over the years and grey hair no longer has the stigma it use to have, its still something most would want to prevent. There are a few ways that you can prevent grey hair naturally and it can be a combination of diet and supplements which can help fight the key causes of grey hair.

As we age our bodies go through chemical transformations and to a large extent contributes to the cause of grey hair. When hair goes grey the melanin in the hair slowly strips away and in time becomes transparent which gives the appearance of grey hair against your darker hair.

Our bodies produce hydrochloric acid and as these levels increase the more likely the melanin (color) in the hair gets stripped. The enzyme Catalase, which is naturally produced by our bodies is the key regulator for the hydrochloric levels in our bodies. As we age these catalase levels drop giving less protection to the grey process.

In order to treat the grey hair naturally you need to ensure these catalase levels are managed if not topped up. There are supplements on the market that contain catalase and are taken as part of a healthy diet to treat grey hair. Taken over time these natural supplements are known to reverse grey hair.

Grey Hair Supplements and Other Remedies

There are many grey hair supplements on the market and they basically contain the same if not similar ingredients. The most common is Catalase which as mentioned above is the key ingredient that helps to prevent or reverse the onset of grey hair.

Taking a pill daily does sound like an easy way to treat grey hair however there is usually more to ensuring your hair is healthy. A lot of this can be be attributed to your diet. There is a super group of foods that have shown to help grey hair developing but this is down to your make up and can effect each person differently.schematic-diagrams-of-graying-hair

The Top Grey Hair Remedies

  • Dyeing has and always will be the most popular treatment for grey hair. Its quick, relatively cheap and allows, mostly in women to experiment with different colors.
  • Grey Hair Shampoos can now help to bring the color back to your hair over time but there are issues around what color is brought back. Some shampoos work really well and other are less effective.
  • Supplements have become more effective and are now more readily available. Supplement work to replenish lost nutrients like Catalase and other key ingredients that are needed to retain grey hair.

Lifestyle Changes that Help Prevent Grey Hair

While these remedies can directly improve your hair there are other lifestyle changes that you can make which will greatly reduce the possibility of you getting grey hair.

  1. Stop Smoking: It has been proven that smoking can cause grey hair. Studies have shown that a group of test subjects showed an earlier onset of grey hair compared to those that don’t smoke.
  2. Caffeine intake: Coffee or any other caffeine related product can strip vital nutrients from your body. This dehydrates your body and starves the hair of moisture which cangrey-hair-pills contribute to your hair going grey.
  3. Up your Copper Intake: Copper is a good supplement to take to help you with your hair. There are foods which are rich in copper that can help to increase these levels.  Turnip greens, lima beans, yams, spinach, and most meats are all good sources of copper.
  4. Vitamin B12:It is a common fact that a lack of Vitamin B12 causes premature grey hair. Make sure you take a lot of  B12 or eat foods that are rich in this vitamin like  eggs, cheese, beef, bananas, fish and lamb.
  5. Chinese Herbs: A Chinese herb called ‘He Shou’ We is believed to stop hair going grey. Translated it means ‘black-haired Mr He’ in Chinese. This name refers to a legend of an older villager named Mr He who took Fo-ti and restored his black hair, youthful appearance and vitality.

Its very fashionable to let your hair go grey in today’s society. Most are embracing it and you only have to look at the society pages to see most actors are happy to show off their grey hair. There is no need to worry about going grey because we all will. If you are looking to keep your hair color for as long as possible then there are ways to do this be it in altering your lifestyle or using the vast array of grey hair products on the market.

 Have Scientists Found The Cure for Grey Hair


There are daily reports that we could be seeing the end of grey hair with regular scientific tests being performed on the onset of grey hair. Will future generations no longer suffer the inevitable signs of the ageing process.

Scientists have discovered the gene that causes the pigment to lose its color or melanin which is responsible for the color in a humans hair, eyes and skin. Our ever evolving fashion world has made gray hair quite fashionable with many celebrities embracing their shade of grey be it natural or dyed.

The Gene called IRF4 apparently plays a key role in the color of your hair and only recently has it been linked to going grey. There has been many advances made in identifying the genes that make men go bald but only recently has this gene been identified as the culprit for hair going grey.

While we do already have grey hair supplements or pills such as goodbyegrey there is a belief that once the gene responsible has been identified that you would not need to ever dye your hair again. It would just be a gradual process of reversing the gray or even preventing it all together. The process would be fairly simple and would be a simply matter of taking a drug which changes the expression of certain genes to alter appearance, turning blondes into brunettes or preventing grey hair.

The key to reversing grey hair or preventing it lies in the identification of all the genes that are directly linked to the pigmentation process and what type of enzyme or protein is required to regulate it in the right direction.


Foods Rich in Vitamin B12 that can help Prevent Gray Hair

Clams – A shellfish that is very high in nutrients and contains very high concentrations of vitamin B12. The daily recommended intake for B12 is at least three micrograms (mcg or µg) a day. Some weekly supplements contain 2000 micrograms. You can get around 3,000% of the daily required amount from just 10 small clams. That’s not all, clams also provide a good source of iron and antioxidants, which can all contribute to the prevention of gray hair.

Beef – Loved by many the world over, beef also has a high level of B12. While not as much as clams, you still only need about 200g of beef to have 250% of your RDI. In order to get the highest levels of B12 out of your beef its recommended that you do not fry your meat. By grilling the meat you help preserve the levels of B12 in the meat.

Tuna – Yes more fish that is a great source of nutrients. The best cuts of sardine to eat is the dark muscle meat which is right beneath the skin and holds the highest concentration of B12. A 130 gram serving of Tuna contains close to 200% of the daily required amount which also packs good amounts of protein, selenium and vitamins B3 and A.