How to deal with grey hair?

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There are many ways to deal with Grey hair and it all depends on how you feel about the grey. There does not seem to be the stigma attached to having grey hair as there use to. Many people both men and women are graciously accepting their grey hair.

For most women the best solution is to dye the hair and this can have an immediate and gratifying effect as you get to choose the colour and it does look nice when women do this. There are products on the market that will blend with your grey hair and its a trend that has become quite trendy of late. In the picture below you can see the effect of such a treatment.

women grey

For men its a bit different in that dyed hair can in most cases be noticeable. There is something about men’s hair dye that just does not look natural. Saying that for men it looks quite distinguished when they start getting the salt and pepper look. Having a good haircut also helps. Long straggly hair can look dirty and unkempt.

There are products on the market for both men and women that actually treat the grey hair and can over time reverse the grey. Products like Getawaygrey is a supplement you take that helps to increase the Catalase in your body. Catalase helps to keep the hydrogen peroxide levels at bay as its this chemical that strips your hair of it pigment.

Depending on how comfortable you are with your appearance and hair will decide what option you go for when treating your grey hair. You will notice a lot of movie stars and singers are just letting their natural hair color grow out. As mentioned before its now seen as quite fashionable and the demand for dye that actually has grey in them says it all.

If you are concerned about your hair and its condition there are certain foods that you can eat that will help you starve off the onset of grey hair. Grey Hair prevention foods are easily available and are not only good for your hair but the rest of your body as well.

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