Grey Hair Reversal Treatments Causes and Cures to Stop Grey Hair

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How to Reverse Grey Hair

how to reverse grey hairAlthough society has evolved over the last 10 years and grey hair has become more acceptable we still want ways to reverse the grey or even stop it all together. Through advancements in science and technology we are now able to understand what causes grey hair and are in a better position to treat it.

It use to be believed that it was a natural evolution that as we age we all get grey hair. This in many cases is still the case but there is more to it and it really comes down to how our bodies change over time. The cause of grey hair is down to a lack of certain nutrients that are key to keeping the balance in the creation of healthy hair pigment.

What Causes Grey Hair

As we age our bodies create more hydrogen peroxide and its this chemical that starts to strip the hair of its natural color. In order to stop grey hair you need to manage this deceasing chemical. Studies have shown that by balancing this out has shown to create a natural reversal of grey hair over time.

Catalase which balances the hydrogen peroxide levels in our bodies depletes itself over time so stronger chemical concentrations cause the grey hair to appear. While this is a scientific perspective on why our hair goes grey it may seem like the only cause.

This is not the case as there are other factors that can contribute to the onset of grey hair. Some believe that a shock experience like a death or heart attach can cause part of your hair to go grey. This is a rare occurrence but can happen.

As we age the melanin in the hair shaft does not generate as much pigment as it use to so slowly drains itself of color. This lack of color or transparent hair strand starts to look grey against the darker hair. It is in fact colorless not grey. This can happen at different ages in people and has been known to even start in teenagers.

Premature Grey Hair in Women

Studies of late have shown that more and more women in their twenties are now going grey. This is believed to be down to stress due to the pressures of working life but you can read more here to understand why.

No longer are women going grey in their forties and fifties as the Reverse Grey Hairarticle explains but at a much younger age. The funny thing is that its no longer seen as a stigma to have grey hair as can be seen by the likes of Kelly Osbourne who now opts for a grey hair dye.

Strangely enough premature grey hair can in many cases be seen as cool. Its not only the George Clooney’s of the world that look good with salt and pepper hair. It’s seen as fashionable and many model photo shoots will feature a young person male or female with grey hair.

Grey Hair Treatment

There are many ways to treat your grey hair and it depends on the person and what look you are going for. Treating grey hair can take many forms from hair dyes to quality shampoos to taking supplements. For most women dying their hair is usually the most common option. Women look good when they dye their hair, less so in men, and in many cases the best option as its immediate and you can experiment with different colors. There are many famous women though that have embraced their grey hair and wear it proudly in public. This is a great advancement as far too many people are driven by what the society dictates we should wear and look like.

Foods that can Prevent Grey Hair

There are different types of food that can help to garner healthy hair and many cases prevent grey hair. More on grey hair foods can be found here:

Grey Hair Supplements

As mentioned before there is a way to treat the chemical imbalance in our bodies by way of grey hair supplements. These are usually high concentrations of catalase which helps to ward off the higher levels of hydrogen peroxide. These have proven to work and can be seen by some of the testimonials on this page.

There are also various shampoos on the market that will help treat your grey hair. Depending on what you want you can get shampoos that help to enhance the white of your hair especially if you are nearly totally grey.

Grey hair can turn a yellowish color and can look dirty and unkempt. Smokers tend to suffer from this condition and is not a good look. There are several products on the market that will treat this type of grey hair.

Shampoos can also help to return or reverse your grey hair by way of its chemical compounds. These products can be hit and miss as in some cases the color that you hair does go back to may be far from what the original color was. There are cases where the hair color goes a burnt orange which can look a bit odd especially if you use to have darker hair.

So in conclusion if you do suffer from grey hair you are not alone. No matter what age you are there are other people out there that are also going grey. Mostly you may not notice these people as they will probably have dyed their hair. As mentioned this is becoming less and less of an issue in society, which is a good thing, just look at all the celebrities sites and you will see its fashionable.

If you are bold enough embrace your grey hair no matter what your age. If you are not ready for it just yet there is no shortage of grey hair treatments that can suit your needs and budget.

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