Gray hair at a Young Age

I am a relatively young women of 26 years, and i am noticing more and more gray hair by the day. this is concerning. I can’t believe that i am actually sprouting gray and silver hairs that are becoming more noticeable.

The hairs themselves are not just gray- they are wirey, they do not straighten under a blow dryer, and worst of all, break very easily. i’m worried that as the older and grayer i get- the less and less hair i will have. if all of my hair eventually turns gray (which i’m sure it will as my family is all gray) and if they all continue to break off into 4 inche spikes- i’ll be bald!!

What should i do? anyone else experience going through this?? i have tons of gray, wirey spikes sticking out of my head!!

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. HP April 8, 2014

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